Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Our UK excursion is finally here!  Belmont and Bucky hopped onto a truck this morning to JFK airport, where they will be boarding a flight tomorrow to Liege, Belgium.  The boys are looking great, and they were both very excited to load onto the truck !

After a departure Wednesday morning from JFK, Belmont and Bucky will land in Belgium late on Wednesday evening. They will then board a truck to the UK, with the plan to arrive at Catherine Burrell's Maizey Manor by Thursday afternoon.  We will spend our days leading up to Burghley at Maizey Manor, where the horses can recover for a few days while they progress back into training.

Packing for our trip was an experience in and of itself.  You cannot truly appreciate the amount of feed these competition horses consume until you need to package it for a flight!  It seemed an impossible task fitting all our equipment and belongings into a few trunks and bags, but luckily our supergrooms Kaitlin Slimak and Jenn Cain were there to make it all possible.

It seems almost surreal that Burghley is finally here.  The support we have received from the community has been so inspiring and makes this journey even more exciting.  THANK YOU to each and every friend, family member, sponsor, client, student, coach, and member of the community who has volunteered, donated, participated, and mentored us in this process.  We are so excited and grateful to have this opportunity !
Please watch us on the Burghley website www.burghley-horse.co.uk/ as  well as streaming on Burghley TV!  We will keep the updates coming!

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