Friday, August 31, 2012


The fence we are all looking forward to jumping tomorrow ... 
Greetings from Burghley!  We have had an exciting two days of dressage, with the Americans kicking some serious butt! Sinead is leading the field of 87 horses on a score of 36, with Alison just behind her in second on a score of 40.  

The remainder of the US riders all scored in the 40s, which is great!  Bucky and I had an unfortunate test yesterday, as he got quite tense once he entered the main arena.

We had a chance to walk the cross-country today with the course designer himself, Mark Phillips.  He had some great insight on how certain fences should ride, as well as how we needed to factor the changing terrain into our ride.  The course looks huge and tough (as any four-star track should), but I have a plan of attack for tomorrow and and I'm excited to get out there!

I will keep the updates coming tomorrow! Go USA!

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