Thursday, January 26, 2012


Bucky After His XC School!
We have been fortunate enough to make it out of Pennsylvania just before the first snow, and Team Lily has officially settled in Jennifer Berryman's Southern Cross Farm in Aiken.  We have ten horses with us this winter, and we have just welcomed a new working student to the farm!  Wyn Maling is coming to us from Massachusetts with her horse, Stellar, and plans to work with us for the next few months.

We have had an action packed first week here in Aiken!  The week started with a cross-country school for the students and young horses at Full Gallop Farm on Monday.  The horses are happy to be out of the indoor and are jumping great.  They will have another school later in the week, and should then be ready for their first show!

Tuesday brought a cross-country school for Bucky at Gibbs' farm in St. Matthews.  This is one of the best schooling venues in the entire country, so it was great to get Bucky out to work with Boyd there.  He helped me with my position as well as ironing out a few of the kinks I experienced cross-country last fall.  Bucky was jumping well and feels very excited to get the season started! 

Yesterday we packed up the trailer and made our way to The Sporting Days Combined Test for some dressage and show jumping practice!  This was a fantastic opportunity to practice  our dressage tests for the coming season as well as working on our show jumping.  Abigail Wilson, Annelise Aurillo and Andi Lawrence all rode in the combined test, and they were great!  A few hiccups were ironed out in the dressage, and the horses were jumping well. Each rider is looking ready to move up at the start of the season.

We will be wrapping up the week with a dressage clinic with Bettina Hoy, as well as another cross country school for the younger horses.  Stay tuned for updates!

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