Friday, May 13, 2011

Jersey Fresh Kick Off!

The Jersey Fresh CCI kicked off yesterday at the Horse Park of New Jersey with a beautiful first FEI jog. All the horses looked fit and fresh as did the riders! After the jog I had a chance to walk around the CCI*** cross-country, and at first glance it looks good.

The dressage for the CIC** and CCI*** took place today at the horsepark. Bucky and I had our dressage ride later in the afternoon today, and I was really pleased with our test. Though we have much to improve on, I felt it was our best test to date. He was really consistent throughout the test, and we were able to get both of our changes! We are sitting in 9th on a score of 59.6 going into the cross-country. The course is long and a true three-star test, so I am sure the scoreboard will shift on Saturday. 

Tomorrow we will spend some time preparing for the cross-country, and I plan to walk the course a few more times. Stay tuned to the blog for updates and a virtual coursewalk!

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