Sunday, February 6, 2011


Erin sends the following news from Aiken!

"I have finally been able to get completely settled in Aiken with the last group of horses arriving yesterday morning.  We were greeted with great weather the first two days, and the last few days have brought some heavy rain.  

Jennifer Berryman has been kind enough to lease out a portion of her beautiful facility at Southern Cross Farm, and I am excited to get winter training underway!  Southern Cross Farm is conveniently located central to Paradise Farm, Full Gallop Farm, Sporting Days Farm, as well as Phillip Dutton and Boyd Martin's winter training facilities at Bridle Creek.  I have seven horses with me, and each one is at a slightly different training point right now.  This should make for a busy time in Aiken!  

I am also pleased to announce that I had my first competition of the season with Bucky today.  I was so happy with the performance he put forth, placing third with a CLEAN showjumping round!  Its hard to believe we were bound to flatwork and canter sets in the indoor until four days ago!  I'm sure most of you are aware of our struggles in show jumping, so his performance today was a great kick-off to the season and gave me a boost of confidence in him.   I plan to compete with Bucky in the Intermediate at Pine Top next weekend, and we will hopefully be looking to move up to Advanced at some point in the near future.  He feels spot-on on the cross country right now, and I am confident we are ready to rise to the higher stakes of the next level! 

I also have Full Gallop coming up this week as well as a schooling show for the young ones, so stay tuned for that update!"

Enjoy the slideshow!!  LT

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