Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gambler's Choice Jump Derby at Lilybridge!

This past Sunday all our Lilybridge riders enjoyed the warmer temperatures with a Gambler's Choice Jump Derby at the farm.  The ground may be snow-covered outside but that did not stop us from having a blast indoors!  Riders of all ages got a chance to get a bit wild and competitive with my tricky jump course, and they presented some pretty impressive rounds. 
I also took the chance yesterday to have Stephanie Boyer come and meet all the riders and parents, as she will be teaching in Pa. for the duration while I'm in Aiken.  She was impressed by the caliber of riding my students showcased, and she is very excited to start teaching them.  My personal favorite part of the day was the fact that out of the twenty two riders competing, not one popped out of the tack!  That was a great sight to see before I headed off to the south for the next two months.  
I would like to congratulate Eliza Crosby, Emma Stradley, Corrinne Stuart, and Claire McEntee for their ourstanding performances, leading each of their divisions with high scores.  I look forward to getting back in the spring to see all these riders showcase their skills on the eventing scene!
On a side note, Keith and I have safely arrived to Aiken with Bucky, Parris, Wally, and Tessa.  Its 50 degrees out right now, I am a happy camper, but it's time to get some rest!!

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