Monday, January 10, 2011

Congratulations to the Lawrence's on Their Purchase of Armani!

I am pleased to congratulate Andrea, Paul and Jane Lawrence on their purchase of Armani IV! 

Armani is the horse responsible for putting me on the map as a professional event rider, achieving our first full year at Advanced together in 2010.  He is a fabulous horse, now looking to move onto his next chapter by developing a new partnership with another up and coming rider.  

Andi resides in West Chester, PA and has been a Lilybridge junior rider for the past three years.  She has been competing at training level and is excited to gain her preliminary and upper level experience aboard Armani.  Andi aspires to compete with Armani at the North American Young Riders Championships in 2012, and I'm extremely pleased that we will be keeping the two of them in the Lilybridge program to help them reach that goal!

Good luck Andi and Armani!

~ Erin


  1. Great Website Erin!! We thank you so much for the opportunity and promise to be a good family to George!!!


  2. yeahh!! time to crush the competition at the North American Young Riders Championships, they better watch out they don't know what's in store! hard work pays off girl lets do it!
    ~ Chris

  3. Have a great season together, Andi and George!

  4. it'll be sad to see armani go, but it looks like he's in good hands!