Monday, June 22, 2015

Great Meadows Recap!

No Boundaries and Mettraise attended Great Meadows CIC3* this weekend as the first lead-up event for their Fall CCIs. I am extremely proud of both horses' performances.

This was Missy's first 3* completion and only her second Advanced run, and she took it all in stride. I was pleased with her dressage test on Friday evening; while she is still quite green at the movements, she is trying very hard to maintain composure and I was disappointed that her score did not reflect her efforts. She jumped out of her skin for a clear show jumping round on Saturday and then absolutely skipped around the cross country on Sunday.  I ran her quite slowly as her confidence was my top priority this weekend.

Missy Earned A Well Deserved Nap!
Bucky only did a combined test, and he couldn't have been any more bitter about it on Sunday when he had to watch all of the other horses going back and forth from cross country.  Next time, Buckster… 

His dressage test on Friday was very relaxed and obedient and he sat 9th on a 50.8. I am hopeful that his next time out I can ask for even more from him since he is so confirmed in the flatwork now.  He put in a great effort and pulled out a clear show jumping round on Saturday.

Great Meadows proved to be an excellent event, in spite of atrocious weather on Saturday.  I look forward to my two "big kids'" next outing to replicate and improve upon their results and to let Bucky run fast and jump big! 

A big thanks to Emma Stradley for taking great care of them this weekend and to Jess McCabe and Jenn Catalano for keeping the farm running at home.  Next weekend Team Lily is going back to back at the Fair Hill Starter on Saturday and Horse Park of New Jersey on Sunday.  The majority of our riders will be competing, so check back for a full recap!

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