Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spotlight On Jenn Cain!!

Jenn on Wild Genius at Walton Place Jumper Show
Jenn Cain, barn manager and assistant trainer at Lilybridge Eventing, has been with the team since 2011, when she came to work for Erin after working for Missy Ransehousen at Blue Hill Farm.

She has groomed for Erin at Rolex and Burghley and brings a lifetime of riding and barn management skills to the facility.

We recently put Jenn on the spot & asked her for a bit of a bio, since we're spiffing up the website.  Thanks Jenn for the following statement about your history in the eventing world!

" I'm 26 years old and have been riding since I was 9, living in this area my entire life. I was a working student for Missy Ransehousen for 3 years before starting to work for Erin in 2011.   I have competed up to Prelim and recently winning the prelim at the fall Plantation Field has been one of my greatest moment yet!"

"In 2006 I was leading national novice rider.   I have had the privilege to groom for Missy at Rolex and groomed for Erin at both Rolex and Burghley.  Working for Erin has opened my doors up to so much.  She has given me the opportunity to be her assistant trainer and to be the barn manager of Lilybridge Eventing, both of which I love. These experiences have helped fuel my dreams of being a 4* rider one day, and I have Missy and Erin to thank for that!!"

Jenn, who currently helps Erin train the junior clients, is a integral part of the team at Lilybridge and we're so grateful that she keeps things running smoothly at our new facility!!

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