Monday, June 17, 2013

A Successful Weekend at Seneca.

With Springs like that: Parris proves that she can jump with the big horses! 
Thanks to Mike McNally for the photo

From Canada to Maryland in one week, such is the life of an eventer during competition season. I am glad to report that it was a successful weekend for my students and I. Parris and Espresso were both presented with the challenges of a higher level of competition. Thankfully this weekend demonstrated that both horses are ready for this challenge. In her first intermediate, Parris placed tenth after scoring a 40 in dressage and adding four points in show jumping. She handled the challenging intermediate cross-country course very well. It was a relief to jump clear! I am very happy with our seventh place finish. Miranda and Espresso had a similarly strong debut at preliminary. They started off the day with a 44 in dressage and two rails in show jumping. Espresso and Miranda proved themselves ready for preliminary by jumping clear and finishing in seventh. Well done Miranda!

My training students had an equally successful Saturday!  It was an exciting day for Annelise Aurillo and Your Lucky Day. This was their first event since recovering from an injury and they staged a great comeback! It was a pleasure to see them jumping smooth and clear around the cross-country. I look forward to seeing them out there more. My working student Tori Kager and her new mount California Comet finished in sixth after going double clear in the junior open training. Melissa Carson was right behind Tori in eighth. She continued the LBE trend of jumping clear cross-country. Unfortunately Kaelyn Speck received a TE because of a misguided action by her trainer. I was thoroughly impressed by her riding; I can't wait for her to go out and kick butt at the next competition!

Sunday I rode the Speck's Pet Me Pet Me in the novice and Hannah Daneker and Classy Lady made their mark in their beginner novice division. Pet Me Pet Me finished in second place on her dressage score of 21.50. She felt great throughout the course. Hannah and her Classy Lady finished in third adding just one time fault to her dressage score. Great job Hannah!

I would like to end this blog by thanking my students, my owners, and my sponsors. I have been thrilled by the progress we have made together. I am very pleased with how hard my students work and how much progress they have made since the winter. I am also grateful to my owners and very pleased with the progress my horses have made this season. So far this year, I have successfully moved up Peace Proposal (Parris), Paddy The Caddy, and Metraisse (Missy). I have been continually surprised by how hard these horses try and how quickly they learn. I would not be lucky enough to ride these horses without the generosity of the McEntee's, the Danekers, and my parents (the original owners).

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