Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pine Top Weekend Wrap Up

Our Aiken competition season is in full swing, and we have just wrapped up an exciting weekend at Pine Top!  We had intense rain on Thursday which fortunately softened the ground, and the weather cleared out for a great weekend.

The Intermediate divisions kicked off the competition on Friday riding all three phases.  Bucky had his debut run of the year, and it was great to have him back in action!  I was pleased with his dressage test, scoring a 27.  The jumping phases felt a tad rusty, but Bucky is jumping well and I am eager to iron out the kinks before the Pine Top Advanced in a few weeks!

Saturday and Sunday were action packed days with five horses representing the Team Lily in competition.  Mettraise and Fernhill Flag competed in the preliminary division, both finishing with clear jump rides.  I am looking forward to riding both horses in the intermediate at Pine Top in a few weeks.  I have some work to do on the dressage front, but I think both horses will be up for the challenge and will jump around the intermediate track with ease!

Tori Kager finished an impressive second place in the Preliminary-Training division on her own Avogadro's Constant, and is looking ready for her preliminary move-up in a few weeks time.

We rounded off the weekend with two horses in the novice, Marnie Kelly's Campground and the Specks' Pet Me Pet Me.  Both horses performed well for their first shows of the season, finishing fourth and seventh respectively in a competitive novice division.

The USEF Training Sessions will begin today at Stable View Farm, and more information about the sessions can be found on the USEF High Performance Eventing Facebook Page.  I will be riding Bucky with Coach David O'Connor at 4:45 tomorrow afternoon.  This should be a very exciting week, so I will keep the updates coming!

It has been a very busy Aiken season so far, both with students and horses.  I have been so pleased with everyone's performance thus far, and I am hoping to keep the success rolling!  Thank you to all at home who are supporting us!

Stay tuned...

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