Sunday, July 15, 2012


Dear Supporters and Friends,

No Boundaries' very successful debut at the Rolex Kentucky this spring leads me to announce that we are seeking (and have sold) syndication shares in this exciting horse as we continue to pursue our international eventing career. I am offering a small number of syndicated ownership shares in "Bucky" to friends and supporters who would then join us on our road to Burghley 2012 and the 2014 World Equestrian Games!!

Bucky is a 2001 TB/Dutch WB cross gelding who over the past three years has built an impressive event record. An 8th place finish the past spring at The Fork CIC3* set us up for a successful maiden voyage the the Rolex Kentucky 4*, where we finished 13th out of a top international field of 57 competitors! Next stop, The Burghley Horse Trials in England, August 30th - September 2nd, 2012!
Bucky's USEA Competition Record

Along with the excitement of moving towards these goals comes increasing expenses. The maintenance required to enable Bucky and I to compete at an International level while continuing to develop and manage the program at Lily Bridge eventing is vast.

I am offering ten shares of ownership in No Boundaries at a cost of $8,000 per share. The cost of maintaining and competing Bucky would be diffused among the owners in the form of an annual fee of $2,000 that will include any and all expenses. This fee is tax deductable through the American Horse Trials Foundation.

Partaking in a syndication is exciting and educational for all participants. Owners and students are welcomed and encouraged to spectate, help out at events and attend training sessions. Many of you have eager young riders whose eventing experience would be greatly enriched by the opportunity to witness the hard work and training necessary to campaign a horse at the FEI level.

In an effort to give back to the generous participants in Bucky's syndicate, I would like to provide a monthly free private lesson to each owner.

Embarking on this journey with Bucky is a very exciting time in my life. Having a loyal and supportive group of owners to share this experience with will make it all the more memorable. If you have interest in partaking in this experience with Bucky and I, we will be thrilled to have you on our team!

For interest and questions regarding this syndication please contact me by email at, or by telephone at 617-529-7205.

I'd also appreciate your continued support at our Burghley Fundraisers!

Many thanks to Mike McNally for the great photos at Rolex!!

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