Friday, May 4, 2012

Erin Reflects On Rolex

Photo Credit Mike McNally
Well its late Thursday night after Rolex and I am FINALLY getting a chance to sit down and put my thoughts together on the whirlwind week that was Rolex.  As anyone reading this can imagine, my week was even more incredible than I could have anticipated.  I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to ride at Kentucky, and even more lucky to have a phenomenal four-star horse in Bucky.

Bucky has recovered incredibly well from the competition.  As you could see at the jog and show-jumping Sunday, he was feeling very fresh and no worse for the wear on cross-country.  He is now going to enjoy some well-deserved down time with unlimited treats, grazing and grooming.  I was amazed at how easy he made the weekend for me, as if he was a seasoned four-star horse helping me through my first crack at Kentucky.  We just have to sort out those nerves in the dressage and he will be unstoppable!

My true reason for making this post is to take a moment to recognize each and every supporter that made this weekend happen for me.  The list is endless, so please do not feel left out if I miss you!  First and foremost, I owe a huge hug and thank you to my parents and my brother, Blair.  They have been my biggest fans since I first hopped on a pony when I was five,  and their support has helped me become the rider I am today.  

I also want to thank Jenny Berryman for finding me this crazy wild animal, Bucky,  just four and a half years ago.  We definitely did not know what we were getting into!  I owe a huge thanks to all of my students and clients not only for coming to support me on this amazing weekend, but more importantly for being understanding of my crazy schedule in the past four months.  You have all been so understanding of my goals and your unwavering support allowed me to do what I did this weekend.  Lastly, thank you to Lisa Thomas for keeping my blog going for the weekend!  I definitely did not have time to keep up with it!

Also, a thank-you is owed to Theault for documenting my weekend on video, they are so fun to watch!

Theault-America's Dressage Video Coverage with our favorite stars

Theault-America's XC Video Coverage with our favorite stars!!


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