Saturday, November 26, 2011

Congrats to the Tallmans on their Purchase of Doc Cowboy!

I am feeling mixed emotions today as I have just released one our best horses to his new home with Jill and Henry Tallman.  He will now reside on a private farm in Marshfield, Massachusetts where he will be trail riding, jumping and enjoying life with Jill. 

Cowboy has been with us for the past four years since his retirement from Jonathan Sheppards Racing Stable at the age of three.  He has been a stepping stone for so many of our riders, and his cute face and sweet disposition have left an imprint on all of our hearts.  Most recently he has been the mount for Sarah Hughes, and the two of them have had great success at the beginner novice and novice levels of eventing. 

Henry and Jill have been close family friends for many years, and Jill was a close mentor to me as a junior rider in Massachusetts.  She was at my side during my early eventing career with Ross, and we traveled to many of our competitions together.  Though it is tough to let a horse like Cowboy go, it gives me comfort to see him so happy in his new home with the Tallmans!  

Congratulations to Jill and Henry, we wish you many happy years with Cowboy!

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